The key objective and main mission of the company is to guarantee a stable position of the buyer’s side on the Szczecin-Polish shipbuilding market – mainly for Dutch and German customers.

Building ships / hulls or hull units for naval and inland vessels was dictated by long-standing experience and unconventional history of ship managers in a perfectly geographically located region. Experience is also transferred to the foreign markets of Germany and the Netherlands.

Partner company associates the best qualified and experienced naval staff, bringing together Polish and foreign employees.

The company also works with a multitude of flexible subcontractors who provide services of the highest quality.

The partner operates on the basis of a flat structure of the direct management model, entrusting the implementation of the most technologically advanced tasks to highly specialized companies.

The company implements a policy of direct responsibility for the quality produced which translates directly into supervisors.

The board of directors of the company offers and organizes the delivery of shipbuilding production and services to a highly satisfactory western European level in Central European prices.